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Lotus of Life

August 24, 2019
KGMC Center
9750 300 W
Sandy UT 84070

Includes a free one hour class on meditation on Sept 14th 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM at Sandy Library.

This seminar is a unique opportunity to understand our body with an integrative approach combining western medical science with eastern holistic medicine.


In this seminar, we will learn about :


-The different energy chakras ( wheels of energy) in our body


-The different breathing techniques to improve our energy and metabolism


-How our body converts and processes different foods for energy


-What is metabolism and what factors affect it


-How to train our body to release more fat and how to efficiently burn it


- How to align body, mind, and soul to unleash the energy within

So join Dr. Shah on August 24th to take charge of your weight and health.



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