Dr. Shah's care philosophy is to blend the art of healing with the art of living.


She is the founder of  DEESHA. 


Her passion is integrative care in which western medicine integrates with natural healing therapy for the best outcome.


She teaches patients the true healing potential of their body by making them understand the value of a healthy diet, exercise and stress management. This along with the western therapeutic treatment heals their acute and chronic conditions.


With this approach patients benefit the best of both the worlds. They get treatment with pharmaceutical therapy when needed and can also reduce medicine intake for their minor ailments that can be treated with a change in the lifestyle.



For her, health is not just an absence of disease, rather it is a complete physical and mental well-being.



She strongly believes in the tremendous power of good nutrition, physical fitness and stress management in healing, and have experienced great results in its synergistic effect with western medicine in her practice.


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