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Five ways to manage food cravings and avoid holiday weight gain.

It is a holiday season and it gets so tempting to ditch a healthy diet. But there are ways to control the cravings and stay healthy over the holidays.

Following these five rules will help you control your cravings.

1) Do not stay hungry- We crave more when we are hungry. So always fill your stomach with more fibers and healthy fat. Eat a salad/avocado before going to a party. Keep a bag of nuts with you and keep munching on nuts. Nuts suppress our hunger hormones and also help cut down our cravings.

2) Do Plan - We eat more junk food if we do not plan our meals ahead. There are a lot of healthy holiday food recipes that can satisfy our taste buds. It is very important to plan especially over the holidays when we are surrounded by so many yummy but unhealthy foods. So plan your meals ahead. Cook some delicious but healthy foods.

3) De-stress yourself- Holidays are fun but can be stressful as they also add extra responsibilities.

Stress hormones make us crave more salty, sweet and fatty foods. So spare at least 10-15 minutes a day to de-stress yourself. Practice deep breathing exercises, meditate or listen to relaxing music.

4) Dance- It is very easy to forget our exercise routine over the holidays. No worries if you cannot go to your gym. Just put on your favorite music and dance to its tunes.

Dancing is a great physical as well as a mental exercise, and it will also add to the holiday spirit.

5) Do enjoy- Don't beat yourself if you can't resist that delicious chocolate tart! The more you resist the more you will be tempted to eat, and you may end up binging on it. Instead, give yourself permission to enjoy a small piece and be mindful of not indulging in it. Just remember to eat sweets on a full stomach. And don't forget to put on your dancing shoes after you have desserts! Dancing will help your body burn that sugar in rhythmic melodious movements rather than storing it as fat!

May this season brings with itself a bunch of joy and a lot of laughter, a delight to savor!


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