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Five things we must do while staying at home

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has made millions of people confined to four walls. Yes staying inside and practicing social distancing can save lives. However, if we are not very mindful of our actions then we can easily slip into unhealthy routines that in the long term may prove to be more disastrous.

Following these five rules may help us stay on track and get something better out of this crisis.

1. Set routine-It is very easy to let go of our routine schedule when we are home. This can lead to unhealthy habits such as munching on junk foods and watching excessive TV. Making a set routine or schedule can keep us on track for our healthy habits.

2. Take charge of our health- this is the best time to contemplate what is the most important thing in our life. This crisis reminds us that there is nothing more precious than our own health. We must take charge of our health and build a strong immune system. We must learn how to make better choices for our health. Learn to cook healthy foods. Listen to health-related podcasts or watch health-related documentaries.

3. Practice gratitude and compassion- Gratitude and compassion are the best weapons against stress. This is a tough time for many of us. But no matter whatever challenge we are facing, gratitude and compassion are going to lessen our pain and will show us the path forward.

4. Do not worry excessively- Stress is the number one killer of our immune system. And in this crisis, our immune system is the best defense against this virus. So the last thing we want to do is to weaken our immune system by worrying excessively. Practicing stress-relieving techniques at least for 10-15 minutes a day like meditation, deep breathing exercise will help us stay centered and calm in this extremely stressful situation

5. Go out in nature- Take a little walk or go on a hike. Nature is the best healer. As most of the gyms are closed it is better to go outdoors (keeping social distancing) and try to connect to nature.

Remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS- nothing is permanent and every major disaster has passed so this will pass too. Rather than seeing this as a crisis let us try to understand what positive lessons we can learn from this.


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