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Doing this only for 3 minutes a day can help you master your weight and health

Do you ever wonder why instead of millions of dietary advice and thousands of weight loss programs obesity is still the biggest challenge that we are facing today? Why? I have been pondering about it since I started my weight loss clinic. The key lies in the answer of what drives us. Isn’t it hunger? Our health, our wealth, our happiness all depend or are driven by our hunger.

The reason we have failed to master our weight and health is that we have thousands of resources to satisfy our physical hunger but sadly we have totally ignored our emotional hunger. We have forgotten that we crave not only to satisfy our body but many times also to comfort our emotions. In today’s world where we are faced with multiple challenges we many times feel ‘half empty’. Most of the time instead of focusing on what we have in our life we spend it regretting what we don’t have. And this perceived sense of being empty makes us hungry for more. When we cannot satisfy that hunger with other means our mind unknowingly turns to food. Also, one key thing to remember is that emotional hunger can also increase our physical hunger due to some changes in the hormonal milieu in our body.

Stress hormones make us crave more sugary and salty food. Practicing mindfulness helps us to understand those emotional cravings. But being mindful only is not enough. If we don’t satisfy that hunger with other means then it is still going to haunt us. So what is the best way to fulfill that empty space within us?

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude…… Gratitude is the best attitude for health and happiness. Doing three minutes of gratitude exercise in the morning helps us feel rich and grateful which reduces our emotional cravings and in long term dramatically reduces our stress.

And remember the art of weight management is in stress management!!

Gratitude can be practiced anywhere, anytime… even when you are taking a shower…. Just count at least three positive things in your life every day when you take shower, feel them filling your heart with joy and happiness and see what miracle it brings to you….

So remember to start your day by counting your blessings and blessed your heart will be !!!

I am grateful to be able to write this today !!!!!


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