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Mathematics of weight loss

To understand weight loss we need to first understand weight gain.

Have you ever thought of where does our body mass comes from?

No, I am not talking about just the fat mass but our whole body mass.

When we are conceived we are nothing but the fusion of two cells ( sperm and ova) that contains the encoding software for our built. It is like having an architectural layout or a plan for a beautiful building.

However, it does not have the concrete or mass that is needed to build this mysterious, marvelous and fascinating structure we call 'body'.

How do these two cells evolve into trillions of cells? Where does the mass come from? Scientifically speaking mass cannot just appear from nowhere. It has to be transferred from one object to the other. And only things that we put in our body are - Food, Water, and Oxygen.

So logically only explanation of this mystery is that the food that we eat becomes our body mass. No, I am not talking about only fat mass but our organs, our heart, our muscles, our cells - all are built from the food. First nine-month when we were in our mother's womb; the food she ingested contributed to our body mass. And after birth, the food we ingested became part of us.

In my class I many times ask the participants what is the importance of food in their lives. I get many different answers like- it is a source of comfort, convenience, pleasure, addiction, health, energy or it is a fuel for our body.

Yet in reality, food is much more than all these. Food is what we are. Food is what we are made up of. Our body is the product of matter and energy. And both mass and energy are derived from the food that we eat, the water we drink and the oxygen that we inhale.

The banana that we eat is likely going to be part of our bone and avocado may get incorporated in our brain or eyes, or that greasy stuff that we eat may get lined up as a yellow streak on our blood vessels walls.

This breakthrough understanding that we are made up of food brings us to the first mantra of weight mathematics :

"When I eat food it becomes me. And I have a choice of what I am made up of".

If we can consciously put this mantra into our eating habits then our body will be the way we want it to be. Mathematically we can write this mantra as below:

Mathematical Formula:


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